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NRG allows you to show off your skills to people. The portfolio represents a very simple interactive image gallery with appealing animation effects. You can put here photos, illustrations, mock-ups and stuff like this. The gallery adapts nicely to any kind of screen, so you don't have to worry about its appearance on different devices.

What People Say

  • I have worked with FS THAI for more than 15 year! What impresses me most is the outstanding service provided. Besides their speedy reaction, they can always provide different solutions under different scenarios rapidly. Additionally their friendly working manner, which won’t let me hesitate to contacting them for help! Thus, I am happy to work with a partner like FS THAI, which give me 100% confidence in working out the business successfully!

    FS Hong Kong

  • FS THAI is more sincere and dedicated to the customer. They don’t consider only about the volume of business. They consider how much they satisfy to the customer. They listen to customer carefully and try to understand what customers want and what customers need so that they provide the services to the customer according to customer’s requirements. FS THAI don’t work only as a freight forwarder. They work as a partner, as an agent of the customer. So, it is my experience of 12 years in Thailand i.e. FS THAI is the best SERVICE PROVIDER not just a Freight Forwarder.

    Anonymous Consignee

  • FS team is friendly and easily reached which makes the work process whole lot easier. They work really fast and did not just care about their customers but also the carrier which makes us feel more comfortable working with them and results in working smoothly and efficiently. Compliments to their service minded attitude.

    Anonymous Carrier Representative


UM Tower, 15th Floor

9/151 Ramkhamhaeng Road, Suanluang
10250 Bangkok, Thailand.

Office: +66(0)2 719 9941 (-43)

Fax: +66(0)2 717 2524, +66(0)2 717 2766

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